Network System Engineering
Network Architecture


wlyh1-ENNetwork Architecture for Optimization Network architecture is to provide a framework and technology blueprint in order to design, build and manage a communication network. About the layer switching technology of network architecture, network optimization effect is obvious. Matching with network management software, network security and protection is greatly improved. Through the rational allocation of core switch and given full play to hardware performance, its good scalability could be realized, and the overall performance and security of the local area network (LAN) are enhanced. A reasonable network structure will bring wonderful experience to the customer. We can guarantee for the customer the biggest transfer, reducing the network pay expenses, and a reasonable and orderly network for the enterprise, so as to save the company resources and improve the work efficiency.


a. Network Optimization Solution

wlyh2-ENWe make the parameter acquisition, data analysis, test and evaluation for network to find out the reasons affecting the quality of network operation, and put forward reasonable suggestions. Through parameter adjustment and adopting some technical means to implement network improvement project. The project mainly includes two aspects, wireless network optimization and exchange network optimization, which involve FW Proxy server and anti-virus import, etc. Our goal is to make your network to achieve the best running state, obtain the best benefit for existing network resources, at the same time, put forward reasonable suggestions for the maintenance and network planning and construction in the future.


b. Design Server Architecture, Enhance System Performance

wlyh3-ENOur company will provide you with server construction, network OS import, various kinds of system setting, and server management. According to customer demand, we offer one-stop service from proposal to maintenance to make your server realize reliability, availability, scalability, ease of use and manageability.








c. Integrated Voice Communications Solutions

We provide various PBX, IP PBX/VoIP voice system architectures, accomplish telephone switching in enterprise and between public telecommunications network, and combine telephone, fax, modems, and other functions. With Lync server, seamless integration with office automation can be realized. Our company maintains close cooperation with international popular PBX manufacturers such as NEC, AVAYA all the year round to provide clients with the best quality of voice communication equipment.


d. Security Monitoring Solutions

wlyh6-ENSecurity is the foundation of an enterprise`s survival and development. Therefore, strengthen the modern security technology becomes more important. Security monitoring system use the optical fiber or microwave to transmit video signal in closed loop, and images and record the camera and photo to constitute a complete system independently. It can reflect the monitored object timely, and truly, and can take the place of manual monitoring for long time. This product can give an alarm for illegal intrusion. Our company will provide you with video surveillance, access control, anti-theft alarm in the areas of technical solutions, thus solve the trouble for enterprise’s safety.

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